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Helping our oceans in the best possible way.

About Our Work

External pressures pose a greater threat to our environment than ever.

We identify such potential ecological impacts and formulate strategies to create an ideal solution through both comprehensive data collection and engineering.

Watch our work on the Discovery Channel here.

Our Focus Areas

Engineering, Consulting, Training

The range of work done for ecosystems involves multi-faceted approaches that leverage real-time data logging. This can go from utilizing remotely operated underwater vehicles to blast detectors, and even diver surveys.



We make underwater instruments that allow us to streamline our process for monitoring and improving our marine environment.


Instruments include:

  • EARs

  • SeaBirds

  • DataBuoys

  • Sound Traps

  • Blast Detectors


Our equipment enables personnel to utilize contemporary techniques and streamline their approach towards surveying, mapping, and monitoring. 



Baseline studies and data gathering processes such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies require qualified individuals to ensure contemporary techniques meet regulatory standards. We provide information that helps decision makers form better judgements and our services can be tailored to your current needs.


Clients include:



Oceanway provides certified trainers for the following:

  • PADI

  • NAUI


  • TDI

  • ROV Workshops

  • Reef Check: Eco-Diver

  • Coral Biology

  • Marine Life Identification

  • Planning & Management of Marine Protected Areas

What We Provide 


Baseline Studies

Marine studies, assessments, and mapping using broad scale semi-quantitative and quantitative surveying techniques, including video transect ROV methodologies. 


Transplants and Translocations

Moving soft coral, hard coral, black coral, and associated organisms while also boosting survival rates.


Impact Monitoring

Tagging different environmental conditions with photographic records to measure changes. This can involve the deployment, installation, and maintenance of mooring and marker buoys in a specific area.


Data Logging

Specialized underwater sensing technologies have been designed for the purposes of blast detection and real-time data logging. Blast frequency, type, and location can all be tracked, providing benefit for coast guards.


Sustainability Workshops

Teaching students how to solve real-life problems sustainably through our remotely operated vehicle (ROV) program that offers training and certification at different levels.

Latest Projects


Blast Detection and Prevention - Malaysia (Sabah)


Habitat Restoration Through Boat Sinking - Philippines, Malaysia


Reef Check and Coral Transplants - Hong Kong (Pak A)

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