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Blast Detection and Prevention


Phase 1 – Data Collection, Environmental Studies and quantifying success

The data collection and analysis provides periodic feedback on the success of the local area project. We can measure success by comparing current data sets to past data and the initial baseline. Periodic comprehensive environmental reports produced facilitate discussions with the authorities and various other stakeholders to review project status and agree on iterative changes.

Phase 2 – Alternative Livelihood and Quality of Life (QOL) Improvements

The improvement of the quality of life within the community will be achieved in two ways. Firstly, RBC Consultant, a company endorsed by the UNIDO, provides a simple solution for water purification and sewerage treatment ensuring a clean supply of drinking water. Next is to establish sustainable alternative livelihoods based on aquaculture, with the technical support of companies like Oceanus Group Limited. This aims to supplement the income of the indigenous fishermen. This also acts as a buffer for the recovery and restoration of fish stocks and marine habitat.

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