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Our Solutions

Innovating for a cleaner future and engineering sustainable solutions to match our client's needs.


Baseline Studies

Marine studies, assessments, and mapping using broad scale semi-quantitative and quantitative surveying techniques, including video transect ROV methodologies.


Transplants and Translocations

Moving soft coral, hard coral, black coral, and associated organisms while also boosting survival rates.


Impact Monitoring

Tagging different environmental conditions with photographic records to measure changes. This can involve the deployment, installation, and maintenance of mooring and marker buoys in a specific area.


Data Logging

Specialized underwater sensing technologies have been designed for the purposes of blast detection and real-time data logging. Blast frequency, type, and location can all be tracked, providing benefit for coast guards.


Sustainability Workshops

Teaching students how to solve real-life problems sustainably through our remotely operated vehicle (ROV) program that offers training and certification at different levels.

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